Increasing Wave X Frequency (432 Hz)

by Infinity Project



Artist: Infinity Project
Title: Increasing Wave X Frequency (432Hz)
Label: Boa Beats ReChors
Genre: Ambient, Electronic
Date: April 26, 2016
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 8:10

Ætherna BoA Beats ReChords is proud to present its 3rd release, by Infinity Project, titled Increasing Wave X Frequency.

In optics, X-waves solution has been reported within a quantum mechanical formulation.

In physics, X-waves are localized solutions of the wave equation that travel at a constant velocity in a given direction. X-waves can be sound, electromagnetic, or gravitational waves. They are built as a non-monochromatic superposition of Bessel beams. X-waves carry infinite energy. Finite-energy realizations have been observed in various frameworks.

Let the increasing 432 Hz wave x frequency carry you to higher realms.


released April 26, 2016

All Tracks Produced and Written by: Leo Phoenix, Canada.
Artwork Cover by: Sum Angelus Dei, Canada.
Distributed by: ElectroD Sound Distribution, Canada



all rights reserved


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ÆtherNa BoA Beats ReChords, a rechord label releasing natural frequencies music. BoA stands for Bow of Archery Beats, the Æthernal Heart Beat Vibration of the Soul, sitting in the Heart, which last is the Vessel to find harmony between our thoughts, dreams, ideas, concepts and the physical reality, higher realms and consciousness. ... more

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